January 2021- Tiffany just wrapped on Joe Ciminera's Me Familia 2 as well as Ryan Callaway's latest feature, The Demon's Waltz. The short teaser film she worked in on called Generation Hack by Matt Hahn is in post production. Stay tuned!!!

April 2019- Filming recently began for Joe Ciminera's newest film, Six Tales of Deadly Sin. Tiffany plays an envious, social media obsessed young woman who just wont let her obsession go. Tiffany is also involved in two other independent films which are set to start filming in a few months.

Feb 2018- Tiffany was just cast in the short film "Love in the Water" by Odd Bat Productions. Filming starts February 14th. Be sure check out their other films on You Tube.

2017-The Yearly Harvest feature film, in which Tiffany has the leading role of Jin Maddison, will officially be released in fall of 2017. Be on the lookout!!! The prequel will begin filming this coming winter.

Tiffany is currently about to wrap up filming her role as Detective Kana Miyoshi in Messenger of Wrath by Ryan Callaway.

The short film Duo by director Miguelina Olivares recently premiered in the 2016 Urban Action Showcase at AMC 25 in Times Square. The film is also an official selection in the 2017 Validate Yourself Film Festival. In this film Tiffany plays a detective who has to deal with a crooked partner.

The Shattered Mind, in which Tiffany plays the kindergarten teacher responsible for the main character's injury which affects her entire life, has so far made it into 27 film festivals between 2015-2016. The featurette has also won numerous awards. The full feature will be submitted to major festivals in 2016.

The short sci-fi action film Robin (teaser for the upcoming feature) has so far made into two film festivals in 2015, including the Urban Action Showcase in NYC. In this film, Tiffany, plays Dr. Green, a doctor helping develop a group of super humans designed to aide the country in war.

Tiffany's feature film Venial had a small theatrical run and is now currently available on Vimeo on demand. It will soon be available through other outlets as well.

After it's run on Redbox, 6 Minutes of Death, formerly titled The Library, is currently available for viewing on iTunes, and Walmart VOD. In this film, Tiffany portrays the mother of young boy who loses his life to small pox

The feature film Acedia is currently available to view on Hulu. In this film, Tiffany plays the mother of a little girl who is possessed.

The Watchers, an indie horror feature, in which Tiffany plays a young, paranoid girl named Kate, was released on DVD in 2013 and is currently available for viewing on


2015- Tiffany recently booked the leading role of Jin Madison in Ryan Callaway's newest feature, The Yearly Harvest. The film is based on a book written by Callaway that was first published in 2011. It has just been republished to promote the upcoming film.

Along with The Yearly Harvest, Tiffany is currently working on an artistic feature film entitled Histories and Auguries.

2014- It has been a very productive year for Tiffany. She has worked in 3 indie features this year playing leading roles in each. Her latest role was portraying Juniper in the feature film Tiger Lily by Matt Hahn. She also had the opportunity to show off her funny side in the comedy pilot Office Madness. Also look for her in the horror web-series, Book of Secrets, coming soon.

2013- Tiffany booked the leading role in Joe Ciminera's newest film, Venial. In the film she plays a devout Catholic woman who loses her husband in WWI. She cannot handle the loss which causes her to turn to dark and demonic forces. The trailer was shot on Sept 5, 2013 and the film is scheduled to complete filming over the next few months. She also began filming Redemption, written and directed by Ryan Callaway. She plays the lead in this film as well, portraying a top defense attorney who struggles with moral issues.

In 2013, Tiffany acted in several other indie films including The Shattered Mind by accomplished director Anne Marie "Jade" Bryan, a SAG indie short called Sarah's Silence, a short artistic film entitled Ear Bud, and a short horror romance called Dark Romance. Dark Romance was filmed as part of the NYC 48 Hour Film Contest.

On May 31, 2013 Tiffany attended the red-carpet premiere for Joe Ciminera's newest feature film The Library. In the movie, she plays the mother of a child who has been struck with a plague.

Television-Earlier this year, Tiffany appeared in two national television shows. The first was "True Crime with Aphrodite Jones" on the Discovery ID Channel in which she played Detective Allison in the episode "Blood Money." The second was "I Killed My B.F.F' on A&E Biography in which she played Jamie Dennis in the episode "The Babysitter."